carbon emissions

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14 04 2021 | 11:54

Small Percentage of Frequent Flyers Are Driving Global Emissions, New Study Shows.

Another study finds evidence that the majority of climate-damaging flights are undertaken by a small minority of frequent travelers.

13 04 2021 | 12:34

Despite pandemic shutdowns, carbon dioxide and methane surged in 2020.

Carbon dioxide levels are now higher than at anytime in the past 3.6 million years Levels of the two most important anthropogenic greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, continued their…

13 04 2021 | 12:27

Banks pledge to fight climate crisis – but their boards have deep links with fossil fuels

Analysis finds 77% of directors on boards of seven US banks have ties to ‘climate-conflicted’ groups, as banks continue to finance projects like the Line 3 oil pipeline US banks are pledging to…

13 04 2021 | 12:18

Why corporate climate pledges of ‘net-zero’ emissions should trigger a healthy dose of skepticism

Hundreds of companies, including major emitters like United Airlines, BP and Shell, have pledged to reduce their impact on cli

13 04 2021 | 12:05

Net-zero carbon pledges must be meaningful to avert climate disaster.

More countries are pledging to achieve carbon neutrality. They must now show how they plan to do this.

13 04 2021 | 10:36

How green is your 'green' energy tariff?

Suppliers accused of misleading consumers by offering renewable deals that are only green on paper. It’s time to switch to a renewable energy tariff. This is the well-meaning advice given to eco-…

13 04 2021 | 10:19

Emissions covered by EU pricing markets fell 12% in 2020.

Emissions regulated under the European Union's (EU) carbon market decreased by more than 12% last year, with the coronavirus severely limiting energy demand and industrial output. New analysis from…

13 04 2021 | 09:58

Solar Geoengineering Is Worth Studying but Not a Substitute for Cutting Emissions, Study Finds

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine tackles a controversial question: Is solar geoengineering – an approach designed to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight…

13 04 2021 | 09:41

Urgent policies needed to steer countries to net zero, says IEA chief.

Economies are gearing up for return to fossil fuel use instead of forging green recovery, warns Fatih Birol. New energy policies are urgently needed to put countries on the path to net zero…

07 04 2021 | 10:38

How the shipping industry can halve climate-warming black carbon in the Arctic.

Switching to cleaner shipping fuel would prevent Arctic warming and deliver an easy win for the climate. Climate change is having a more rapid impact in the Arctic than anywhere else right now – the…

07 04 2021 | 09:51

Net-zero emissions targets are vague: three ways to fix.

To limit warming, action plans from countries and companies must be fair, rigorous and transparent.

07 04 2021 | 09:36

Climate change to put farming sectors under stress.

A new study by the Met Office gives examples of how two of the UK’s most important farming sectors are likely to be impacted by climate change. The study – published in Climate Risk Management –…

06 04 2021 | 14:38

Climate Change Cannot Be Mitigated Without Effective Carbon Pricing.

More and more countries, already representing about 70% of the world economy, are setting climate neutrality targets.

05 04 2021 | 10:52

Bank Lending to Fossil Fuel Companies Increased After Paris Agreement

The world's biggest banks gave fossil fuel companies $3.8 trillion in financing in the years following the Paris agreement, according to a new report.

05 04 2021 | 09:48

Risk of new ‘international embarrassment’ if we phase out coal and gas too soon

Special report: Inside the massive 10,000-submission mailbag on draft plan to reduce New Zealand's emissions to net-zero The Climate Change Commission faces strong industry pushback against phasing…

31 03 2021 | 12:32

Form a climate club: United States, European Union and China.

If the three biggest economies agree a carbon tax on imports, it will catalyse climate action globally. Joe Biden’s presidency of the United States is an opportunity to realize a long-discussed…

29 03 2021 | 09:49

UK government to allow new North Sea oil and gas exploration.

Joint investment of up to £16bn tied to industry promise to cut carbon emissions by 50% by end of decade. Ministers will allow oil drillers to keep exploring the North Sea for new reserves, despite…

22 03 2021 | 09:59

US urged to cut 50% of emissions by 2030 to spur other countries to action.

Biden administration is set to unveil a new greenhouse gas reduction target at a climate meeting on 22 April, Earth Day. The US needs to commit to slashing its planet-heating emissions by at least…

22 03 2021 | 09:44

EU Parliament votes to retain free CO2 quotas for industry.

The European Parliament has rejected proposals to phase out free CO2 pollution credits for industries covered by the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), even as the bloc plans to gradually…

15 03 2021 | 11:20

China cuts ‘carbon intensity’ by almost 20 per cent over past five years, report says.

President Xi Jinping has pledged to cap carbon emissions by 2030 and to reach the carbon neutrality by 2060. China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, succeeded in lowering “carbon…