30 07 2022 | 18:02ODONGO KEVINE
It is a real deal. Everybody is feeling its grievous impacts on their daily lives . The youths; the larger occupants of the population pyramid have been automatically bestowed with the demanding responsibility of tackling this challenge. The leaders have failed to deliver to them . It's their turn now , baton in hand . In addition, it's obvious that solving climate change is a better stride towards achieving climate justice . Several subsets of plans have been laid down and are being implemented across the globe . The core intention is to let the whole world come to reality of the danger they are in already . From the vast disciplines of education , science and technology , the young people are making the move. In several countries,most evidently across some European nations , the youths are actively involved in local climate actions . Spearheading launch of green initiatives through sustainability organizations , for instance , in campus and colleges . They have found ways of manipulating ideas and the acquired knowledge to come up with various advancements . Ranging from bio-digesters ,mini-wind mills , solar farms among many enthralling creativities . Technologically, the efforts of youths to counter this life threatening crisis should not only be applauded but also taken with a lot of consideration given that the stakes are high at the moment . Some of great leaders , for example , Professor Wangari Maathai ,who received the Nobel peace prize for her efforts of conserving and protecting the forests , has surely set the pace for the young people . Even entertainers , specifically , a YouTuber , alias Mr. Beast came up with an initiative for tree planting . Increasing the tree cover percentage across the world is such a sensitive topic that several pledges have been made to facilitate the actual activity . The youths, benchmarking on these occurrences are able to continue cultivating the culture across several nations . Furthermore ,there are several activities being encouraged by young people in their quest to create awareness among communities . The need for recycling and re-using refuse , reduction of carbon footprints through considerable eating habits as well as respecting and maintaining green spaces. It is amazing what is being done by these young champions worldwide . Achievements made in the journey of making the Earth habitable . All efforts ,however, needs to be harmonized to one goal and unending support is required from the respective government for the world to come close to achieving its Zero Carbon Emission by 2050 . By: Odongo Kevine Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics. Technical University of Mombasa - Kenya .