10 05 2022 | 22:30LINC PHILIP AKOTO

In the 21st century we can without doubt agree that climate change and environmental crisis is already at par with us as one of the major global challenges. However not all is lost a lot can be done so as to save “mother earth’’ our home planet from being in-habitable as a student scientist who believes in the laws of the universe and scientific facts I know as a fact if no action is taken now in the near future we could be have a planet that has been destroyed by our very own actions ,so I really hope that we can all do something ,contribute towards  fighting global warming, any little action matters after all even in science we say the tiniest or infinitesimal element makes a difference.

My views and what I feel.

I will air out my opinion as a resident in a developing third world nation found in sub-Saharan Africa. The t nation Kenya to be specific. As a developing country I can neither say we have achieved much or less in the fight against climate change but I can strongly say we should do more one side of the equation should have a larger magnitude; issues such as pollution of our natural resources especially rivers by industries and even the greater residential population has continued to be a menace without forgetting atmospheric pollution by our fossil fuel driven vehicles ,deforestation is creeping in also ,use of agrochemicals, producing unclean energy just to mention but a few. On the bright side we are adopting clean energy nothing makes me happier than seeing electric powered vehicles start to pop up amongst our usual fuel ones though we are still far in adopting them, renewable energy sources have great potential in sub–Saharan Africa we have the advantage of solar power throughout the year, wind can also be exploited as a matter-of-fact part of our national grid is powered by wind. Bio fuels, biogas and the greatest of all geothermal energy the list is endless.

For us to achieve more on this global challenge I feel the society needs to first know, understand what we are facing and the impact of our actions if there’s enough sensitization in the society issues such as solid waste management will be a thing of the past, we cannot just leave the whole ball of issue to those in authority our very own responsibility will really aid in the phases to be taken towards climate change.

In conclusion our planet earth is our home we need to protect it at all costs try visualizing a green calm environment with fresh air shady trees with birds chirping, clean crystal-clear water in springs, sounds amazing right? Action should be taken now its everyone’s responsibility.

By: LINC PHILIP AKOTO-Student B.Tech in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics

Technical University of Mombasa.