The results are in ♻️ 😲

12 07 2022 | 19:49

A couple of months ago 250,000 people came together to take part in the biggest ever investigation into household plastic. Now we can finally reveal the investigation results – and they are staggering.

I filmed this video to share the results - the more people who see it, the more pressure there is on the government to tackle the plastic waste crisis. Will you watch and share it now? 

The numbers coming out of the investigation are so big, it’s hard to wrap your head around them, but to give you the toplines:

  • Almost 250,000 people took part and together they counted a shocking 6.4 million pieces of plastic.
  • On average each household threw away approximately 3,432 pieces of plastic over a year.
  • Applied to the UK as a whole, UK households throw away an unbelievable 1.85 billion pieces of plastic a week or 96.6 billion pieces of plastic a year

And crucially, what happens to our plastic waste once it's left our homes? Watch the video to find out - and afterwards Ioannis can you share it to help spread the word and put pressure on the government to tackle the plastic waste problem?

These numbers are shocking - and they don’t even include the plastic waste from offices, shops and industry! With plastic production set to double over the next 20 years, the government needs to take urgent action to stem the flow of plastic waste. We’ll be in touch soon with what else you can do to help.