Renewables 'top UK investors chart'.

23 12 2019 | 07:49

Renewable energy is the top investment sector for UK investors with almost one-third (30%) regarding it as the area they would actively put their money into for long-term gain, according to a survey from GraniteShares.

US exchange traded products provider GraniteShares asked 1560 UK investors which sectors they would put their money into if they were looking to make a long-term gain over the next year.

According to the poll, renewable energy is equally popular with men (29%) and women (31%) and it also transcends investment philosophy, GraniteShares said.

“For example, active traders, those that are simply looking to make an opportune gain, place as much emphasis on renewables as those investors that act with a specific ethical investment philosophy – 33% and 36%, respectively,” it said.

GraniteShares chief executive and founder Will Rhind said: “Despite the context of unprecedented market uncertainty in the UK at the moment, it is positive to see so many investors taking conviction views for the year ahead.

“The rising popularity of tech brands we expect to continue and the focus on renewable energy reflects concern over one of the biggest issues that the planet faces today.”



11 December 2019