PARIS REINFORCE September 2020.

30 09 2020 | 16:16

Green glimmers of hope in climate action

PARIS REINFORCE researchers have published an opinion article regarding the importance that behavioural changes have in tackling the climate crisis. 

The article "Green glimmers of hope in climate action through a European, citizen-led transition model" has been published in the "New Europe" newspaper and highlights that there is no space for "one crisis at the time" and in particular that the post-COVID-19 recovery funds must go hand in hand so that higher emission pathways compared to pre-pandemic trajectories are avoided. This coupling of socio-economic and climate action targets is mandatory in order for the “Build Back Better” motto to have any substance.

Read the full article in New Europe.



Expanding the I2AM PARIS Platform

Open Call: Integrated assessment and energy system modellers are welcome to submit documentation of their models. The template to fill in the required information can be found here, and an example based on the GCAM model can be found here. Please e-mail the template filled in for your model to

More than twenty modelling teams outside the PARIS REINFORCE consortium have so far documented their models in I2AM PARIS.

You may browse all models in the dynamic documentation section.

Furthermore, an ad-hoc variable harmonisation heatmap has been designed in I2AM PARIS, enabling on-demand creation of heatmaps that indicate how different variables are treated (as harmonisable inputs, extractable outputs, or not) across the different models documented in the platform.



New PARIS REINFORCE Scientific Publications

New PARIS REINFORCE Scientific Publications have recently been published since July 2020!

Visit the respective page of the website and explore them.

  • Koasidis, K., Nikas, A., Neofytou, H., Karamaneas, A., Gambhir, A., Wachsmuth, J., & Doukas, H. (2020). The UK and German Low-Carbon Industry Transitions from a Sectoral Innovation and System Failures Perspective. Energies13(19), 4994.
  • Nikas, A., Lieu, J., Sorman, A., Gambhir, A., Turhan, E., Baptista, B.V., & Doukas, H. (2020). The desirability of transitions in demand: Incorporating behavioural and societal transformations into energy modelling. Energy Research & Social Science70, 101780
  • Forouli, A., Nikas, A., Van de Ven, D.-J., Sampedro, J. & Doukas, H. (2020). A multiple-uncertainty analysis framework for integrated assessment modelling of several sustainable development goals. Environmental Modelling & Software131, 104795.
  • Koasidis, K., Karamaneas, A., Nikas, A., Neofytou, H., Hermansen, E.A.T., Vaillancourt, K. & Doukas, H. (2020). Many Miles to Paris: A Sectoral Innovation System Analysis of the Transport Sector in Norway and Canada in Light of the Paris Agreement. Sustainability12, 5832
  • Neofytou, H., Nikas, A. & Doukas, H. (2020). Sustainable energy transition readiness: A multicriteria assessment index. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews131, 109988.

Babacan, O., De Causmaecker, S., Gambhir, A., Fajardy, M., Rutherford, A.W., Fantuzzi, A. & Nelson, J. (2020). Assessing the feasibility of carbon dioxide mitigation options in terms of energy usage. Nature Energy5, 720-728.





30 September 2020