30 11 2020 | 10:11

Co-creating India's mitigation pathways


The PARIS REINFORCE project hosted a virtual workshop, on November 3, 2020, to discuss the project’s Indian modelling pathways. The format of the event was to hold structured discussions on the Indian energy transition with experts from NGOs, academia, the private sector, and government. This was with the purpose of allowing modelling teams to develop stakeholder-driven modelling scenarios, and co-creating some of the core assumptions being fed into models. You may view more information and browse the presentations here.



Perspective of comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model energy and climate science in Europe


PARIS REINFORCE coordinated a joint publication (Nikas et al., 2021) in Energy, produced with other H2020 research projects NAVIGATELOCOMOTION, and SENTINEL, discussing the perspective of comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model energy and climate science, towards bringing the fragmented European modelling landscape together. In this perspective, we discuss how Europe’s capacity to explore the envisaged pathways that achieve its near- and long-term energy and climate objectives is supported by energy and climate-economy models, and how international modelling teams are organised within structured communication channels and consortia as well as coordinate multi-model analyses to provide robust scientific evidence. Noting the lack of such a dedicated channel for the highly active yet currently fragmented European modelling landscape, we highlight the importance of transparency of modelling capabilities and processes, harmonisation of modelling parameters, disclosure of input and output datasets, interlinkages among models of different geographic granularity, and employment of models that transcend the highly harmonised core of tools used in model inter-comparisons. Finally, drawing from the COVID-19 pandemic, we discuss the need to expand the modelling comfort zone, by exploring extreme scenarios, disruptive innovations, and questions that transcend the energy and climate goals across the sustainability spectrum. A comprehensive and comprehensible multi-model framework offers a real example of “collective” science diplomacy, as an instrument to further support the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal, in compliance with EU’s claim to responsible research. You may read the open access perspective in Elsevier’s Energy here.


A series of infographics on how models represent climate, energy and economy

PARIS REINFORCE released a series of six infographics, explaining how different socioeconomic dimensions, policies, mitigation and adaptation technologies, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, economic sectors and Sustainable Development Goals are represented in climate-economy and energy system models, and illustrating how the PARIS REINFORCE modelling ensemble covers these aspects!

Visit the infographics section of our website and explore them.





30 November 2020


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