NIGERIA: Empower finances $13 million for the solarization of telecommunications pylons

Empower New Energy Provides $13 Million in Financing to WATT Renewable Corporation. In Nigeria, WATT installs hybrid solar systems to power telecommunications pylons.

Good news for WATT Renewable Corporation. The company based in Calgary in the province of Alberta in Canada secures $13 million in financing from Empower New Energy, an investment company specializing in renewable energies. “This financing represents the most significant investment made to date by Empower New Energy ,” indicates WATT, which is working on the decarbonization of telecommunications pylons in Nigeria.

The company installs photovoltaic solar power plants with storage systems to provide electricity to telecommunication towers after sunset or in bad weather. Empower's support will enable the deployment of an installed capacity of “8 MW and a storage capacity of 14.3 MWh” .

“This infusion of funds will play a critical role in continuing our mission, and we are immensely grateful to Empower New Energy for their trust and support.” With this funding, we are well placed to continue serving the telecommunications industry with reliable and sustainable energy solutions ,” said Oluwole Eweje, Managing Director of WATT. Empower's funding will certainly contribute to the implementation of WATT's flagship projects.

A few weeks ago, the company won a contract with Indian mobile operator Airtel to install solar systems on at least 600 sites across Nigeria. As part of this partnership, WATT will deploy an installed capacity of 32 MW of photovoltaic solar energy with lithium-ion battery storage systems. “Once the installation is completed, WATT will continue to operate and maintain the energy production sites,” indicates the company, which has an installed capacity of 12 MW.