Iconic United Nations building lights up with images of marine species in an artistic call for global solidarity and harmony with nature (21-24 September)

22 09 2021 | 11:08

21 September 2021, New York — The Interspecies Assembly, a public art project commissioned by ART 2030, a non-profit organization which unites art with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will project the filmwork, Vertical Migration, onto the northern façade of the 39-storey UN Secretariat building form 21 to 24 September.
The filmwork was created by SUPERFLEX, a Danish art collective. It shows the movement of Siphonophores in the ocean’s deep sea. The marine creatures, which function not as a single, physically connected body but a colony of organisms keeping an underwater society alive, illustrate the necessity and impact of working together, and in harmony with nature.
The creative call for solidarity and collaboration comes at a time when the United Nations and its partners have issued rallying cries to urgently strengthen the conservation, restoration and preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.
Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX for ART 2030 also features a sculptural, participatory artwork entitled ‘Interspecies Assembly’ in Central Park (All day 21-24 September). To mark the first such showing of Interspecies Assembly, ART 2030 and SUPERFLEX have collaborated with Google Arts & Culture on a digital exhibition and a virtual experience of Vertical Migration’s Siphonophore delegation in Augmented Reality.
Projection of Vertical Migration [part of the art project Interspecies
Assembly by SUPERFLEX for ART 2030]
Northern Facade of the Secretariat Building, UN Headquarters, New York

8 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST, 21 to 24 September 2021



21 September 2021