G.Papandreou : Climate Justice, Climate Democracy, Climate Education.

Hello from Greece.

And warm thanks to the organizers of this very important event.

As a socialist I’m very proud of the work the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats have achieved in Europe.

Europe has historically been an exceptional peace project.

Now it is challenged to become a green project.

Become a leading force for a global green deal.

And yes we progressives and socialist have been at the forefront of this fight.

I remember Paul Rasmussen’s proposal years ago for green Eurobonds, something I as PM also pushed during the financial crisis as both an antidote to the recession and a new path for Europe - unluckily with great resistance from conservatives.

The proposal for a Climate Bank from our family is testament to our commitment to the greening of our societies

And more urgent measures are needed.

We must mainstream green policies into all decision making bodies of the EU and globally.

As President of the SI I can say that their is widespread support for Antonio Guterrez’s fight for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Central Banks need to integrate both employment and sustainability into their constitutions.

Carbon taxes, as well as financial transaction taxes need be a priority.

In the Socialist International we see the transition towards a sustainable carbon free society going hand in hand with three critical pillars.

First - Climate Justice: the horrific inequalities in our world cannot morph into an environmental apartheid for the disadvantaged in or between our countries.

Second - Climate Democracy: deepening not weakening participation is the only path to citizens ownership of the historical transition to a green society, and this includes the democratic control over new technologies such as AI.

Third - Climate Education: in Europe we could envision common policies in transforming our educational systems into major engines of transition to new forms of consumption, employment and a new ethos on our collective responsibilities.

Again I put my faith in Europe which still can become and must become the leading force for this globally.

And the S&D will be at the forefront

Best of wishes

G.Papandreou on Global Green Deal | OCT 2019