Robert Reich

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03 03 2021 | 08:18

Texas freeze shows a chilling truth – how the rich use climate change to divide us.

The Lone Star State is aptly named. If you’re not part of the Republican oil elite with Cruz and Abbott, you’re on your own. Texas has long represented a wild west individualism that elevates…

25 08 2020 | 08:45

Amid fire and pestilence, floods and storms, the personal is political: Trump must go.

Americans face existential challenges. The president has done nothing to help and much to make things worse. My wife and I have been warned we may need to evacuate our cabin in the hills north of…

06 05 2020 | 08:18

4 Climate Crisis Solutions No One Is Talking About.

Both our economy and the environment are in crisis. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few while the majority of Americans struggle to get by. The climate crisis is worsening inequality, as…