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01 12 2023 | 18:27

Ever greener network towers: a new step forward in Egypt

As COP28 approaches, underlining the global climate emergency, Egypt is taking an important step towards reducing the environmental impact of network towers. Since January 2023, Telecom Egypt has…

01 12 2023 | 18:23

Tidiane Ouattara: “The use of space in Africa is essential”

Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Ethiopia... these African countries have put several satellites into Earth orbit in recent years. For Tidiane Ouattara, the space sector is set…

01 12 2023 | 18:21

Stéphane Crouzat: “Africa deserves special consideration at COP28”

In this exclusive interview, on the eve of COP28, Stéphane Crouzat, the French chief negotiator, discusses crucial issues: fossil fuel management, the specific needs of Africa in the face of climate…

24 10 2023 | 18:52

Innovation: when technology improves sustainable waste management

In its activities around the world, the SUEZ Group relies on technology, and in particular artificial intelligence (AI), to improve the efficiency of its sorting and waste treatment centres. In both…

24 10 2023 | 18:30

From Paris to Dakar, innovating to better manage water in the face of climate change

At a time when Africa and the rest of the world are being severely affected by water stress, preserving available resources remains a sensible solution for supplying people with water. SUEZ, the…