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25 01 2024 | 06:30

EU bans ‘misleading’ green claims relying on carbon offsets

Terms such as “climate neutral” or “climate positive” that rely on offsetting will be banned from the EU by 2026 as part of a crackdown on misleading environmental claims. Euractiv’s media partner,…

21 01 2024 | 13:14

EU bans ‘misleading’ environmental claims that rely on offsetting

Products and services billed as climate neutral, biodegradable or eco must provide proof, with carbon schemes banned as evidence Terms such as “climate neutral” or “climate positive” that rely on…

12 12 2023 | 00:27

Middle-class fear of green policies fuels rise of far right, Colombia’s Petro warns

Middle-class fears of losing a high standard of living because of green policies is driving the rise of the far right across the world, the president of Colombia has warned.

08 12 2023 | 23:26

Beach? Shopping? Sleep? How Cop28 spent its rest day

From the world’s largest waterpark to an indoor ski resort in a shopping centre, Cop28 delegates will have plenty of options to choose from on their only day off at the climate summit.

01 12 2023 | 15:31

The new ‘scramble for Africa’: how a UAE sheikh quietly made carbon deals for forests bigger than UK

Agreements have been struck with African states home to crucial biodiversity hotspots, for land representing billions of dollars in potential carbon offsetting revenue The rights over vast tracts of…

24 11 2023 | 13:44

Eucalyptus plantations are expanding – and being blamed for devastation

In 2017, 66 people died after fires ripped through eucalyptus stands around Pedrógão Grande. Restrictions on the highly flammable trees have provoked death threats, yet others feel they do not go far…

17 11 2023 | 14:27

Let forests grow old to store huge volume of carbon – study

Report says cutting emissions should still be key priority as it cautions against mass monoculture tree-planting Forest conservation and restoration could make a major contribution to tackling the…

19 09 2023 | 21:50

Rainforest carbon credit schemes misleading and ineffective, finds report

System not fit for carbon offsetting, puts Indigenous communities at risk and should be replaced with new approach, say researchers   Rainforest conservation projects are not suitable for carbon…

08 09 2023 | 14:17

Some fish species are shrinking, scientists say, probably due to global heating

Analysis of thousands of species finds some invertebrates and plants also getting smaller, while others are increasing in body size A global analysis of thousands of animal and plant sizes has found…

19 07 2023 | 12:47

‘I still can’t get over the fact we did it’: what it felt like to seal historic Cop15 deal

Six months ago, nearly every government in the world came together to agree this decade’s global biodiversity targets. They include goals to protect 30% of the planet for nature by 2030, reform $…

31 05 2023 | 07:16

Flagship EU law to restore nature must not be derailed, warns environment chief

A flagship law to restore nature across Europe must be agreed by member states or risk sending “a dangerous, negative signal to the world”, the EU’s environment commissioner has warned, amid growing…

20 01 2023 | 09:53

Revealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest provider are worthless, analysis shows

Investigation into Verra carbon standard finds most are ‘phantom credits’ and may worsen global heating The forest carbon offsets approved by the world’s leading provider and used by Disney, Shell…