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31 05 2023 | 07:32

New York City is sinking due to weight of its skyscrapers, new research finds

New York City is sinking in part due to the extraordinary weight of its vertiginous buildings, worsening the flooding threat posed to the metropolis from the rising seas, new research has found. The…

31 05 2023 | 07:32

EPA finally wakes up with stiff new climate rules: ‘They’ve hit full throttle’

A slew of anti-pollution, from toxic water to planet-heating emissions has been issued by an agency belatedly flexing its muscles The sleeping giant of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…

10 02 2023 | 10:59

Shell’s actual spending on renewables is fraction of what it claims, group alleges

Non-profit group Global Witness urges US regulator to investigate oil giant and potentially impose fines over apparent ‘mislabeling’ Shell has misleadingly overstated how much it is spending on…

31 01 2023 | 19:23

US renewable energy farms outstrip 99% of coal plants economically – study

It is cheaper to build solar panels or cluster of wind turbines and connect them to the grid than to keep operating coal plants Coal in the US is now being economically outmatched by renewables to…

20 01 2023 | 11:00

Exxon’s predictions about the climate crisis may have increased its legal peril

Several US states say news that Exxon scientists predicted global heating accurately strengthens their lawsuits against company Further revelations of the extent of Exxon’s historical knowledge of…