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21 06 2024 | 18:08

Kenya’s protest movement forces a U-turn on tax hikes

Kenyan lawmakers scrapped some unpopular tax hikes in a controversial finance bill after protesters spearheaded widespread criticism of the plans. Demonstrators took to the streets on Tuesday,…

18 05 2024 | 23:03

Communities in Kenya fight carbon project that sold credits to Meta, Netflix

  The Scoop NAIROBI — Members of Kenya’s Maasai pastoralist community are clashing with managers of a major carbon project, raising new concerns that international demand for carbon credits…

18 05 2024 | 09:34

Pressure piles on Kenya’s president as floods wreak havoc

  The News NAIROBI — Kenya’s president faces mounting criticism over his handling of the country’s worst floods in three decades, even as his government steps up its response to the devastation…