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05 10 2023 | 14:49

Autumn heat continues in Europe after record-breaking September

Countries including France, Germany and Poland all had their hottest Septembers on record Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Switzerland have all experienced their hottest Septembers on…

04 05 2023 | 23:34

European countries pledge huge expansion of North Sea wind farms

Nine European countries have pledged to multiply the capacity of offshore wind farms in the North Sea by eight times current levels before 2050, turning it into what Belgium’s energy minister called…

04 05 2023 | 11:45

Many Europeans want climate action – but less so if it changes their lifestyle, shows poll

Many Europeans are alarmed by the climate crisis and would willingly take personal steps and back government policies to help combat it, a survey suggests – but the more a measure would change their…

20 01 2023 | 10:03

‘We need trees’: green vision struggles to take root in Europe’s cities

Planners want to plant trees to tackle climate crisis but often face a hostile urban environment From Madrid to Berlin and Paris to Budapest, scientists and planners agree, trees, trees and yet…