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08 03 2024 | 18:42

Germany uses funding to pressure climate groups on Israel-Gaza war

Many Global South climate groups are

16 02 2024 | 06:43

Rich nations miss loss and damage fund deadline

Their failure to agree risks delaying

22 12 2023 | 02:43

How Russia won a ‘dangerous loophole’ for fossil gas at Cop28

The Russian government’s campaign for endorsement of “transitional fuels” succeeded at the Cop28 climate talks in Dubai. Russia, the world’s second biggest gas producer, told the United Nations back…

22 12 2023 | 02:41

‘Car without wheels’: Adaptation playbook lacks finance target

Governments at the Cop28 climate talks in Dubai have agreed a playbook for adapting to climate change in areas like health, protecting nature and food and water security. But while wealthy countries…

22 12 2023 | 02:36

Why didn’t China and India sign Cop28 tripling renewables pledge?

Three months ago in Delhi, leaders of G20 major economies backed a tripling of global renewable energy capacity by 2030.

22 12 2023 | 01:41

Japan used ‘environmental’ fund to finance Vietnamese coal plant

A Japanese state-owned bank is using a green fund to finance a Vietnamese coal power plant, sparking accusations of “egregious greenwashing”. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) …

22 12 2023 | 01:28

African leaders blast European no-shows at climate adaptation summit

African leaders have criticised their European counterparts for missing a summit in Rotterdam on how Africa can adapt to climate change. While three African presidents flew to the Netherlands for…

12 12 2023 | 23:00

What is Alterra, the UAE’s $30 billion green investment fund?

Perhaps the most eye-catching announcement of the first day of Cop28 was the United Arab Emirates pledge to create a $30 billion climate-focused investment fund called Alterra. This makes up much of…

12 03 2023 | 16:58

Which countries are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to climate change?

The European Union pushed to restrict loss and damage funds to “particularly vulnerable” nations, but the definition is still up for debate At the recent Cop27 climate talks in Egypt, government…

12 03 2023 | 16:38

Finance key climate issue for new Nigerian president

Without climate finance from rich nations, “we are not going to comply with your climate change” said Bola Tinubu Nigeria has elected Bola Tinubu as its new president following an election in…

12 03 2023 | 16:21

UN sets date for loss and damage talks, risking Asian no-show

Negotiators will gather in Egypt at the end of March to discuss a fund for climate victims, whether the Asia-Pacific group has nominated its members or not The United Nations has set a date for…

12 03 2023 | 16:10

IMF warns against ‘protectionism’ in rich world’s green subsidies

The US will subsidise North American-made electric vehicles, sparking responses from other rich countries – but there are concerns on the effects on the developing world. As rich countries compete…

22 02 2023 | 11:41

Study: IPCC asks emerging countries to drop coal faster than rich nations did

A new study has found that most energy transition models ask nations like China, India and South Africa to cut coal use twice as fast as developed countries ever did. The scientists who plan out how…