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19 05 2023 | 11:27

UK investment in clean energy transition falls 10%, bucking global trend

Investment in clean energy and the low-carbon economy fell sharply in the UK last year, even as rival nations were increasing their firepower in the global green race, data shows. The UK’s…

18 05 2023 | 11:17

Human-driven climate crisis fuelling Horn of Africa drought – study

The devastating drought in the Horn of Africa would not have happened without the human-made impact of the climate crisis, new science has shown.

27 04 2023 | 08:12

Europe ‘failing its children’ on air pollution, EEA says

Europe is failing its children when it comes to air pollution, exposing nearly all children across the continent to air that falls below healthy standards and delaying the clean-up of the sources of…

29 11 2022 | 07:41

Gordon Brown says China must pay into climate fund for poor countries

Former prime minister says US and Europe will pay biggest share of loss and damage fund, but China must too China must pay into a new fund for poor countries stricken by climate-driven disaster on…

10 11 2022 | 11:29

Developing countries ‘will need $2tn a year in climate funding by 2030’

Report co-written by Nicholas Stern says figure required to switch away from fossil fuels and cope with extreme weather impacts About $2tn (£1.75tn) will be needed each year by 2030 to help…

06 11 2022 | 10:52

How UN secretary general became an outspoken voice for climate action

António Guterres is heading to Cop27 for what is likely to be another blistering attack on complacency and foot-dragging Humanity is undertaking “collective suicide”, the UN secretary general told…

06 11 2022 | 10:49

UN chief warns ‘we will be doomed’ without historic climate pact

Exclusive: António Guterres says gap between developed world and poorer countries is biggest issue facing Cop27 talks Rich countries must sign a “historic pact” with the poor on the climate, or “we…

06 11 2022 | 10:45

Cop27 host accuses countries of making empty public pledges

Egypt has expressed frustration at leaders making positive statements that are abandoned in negotiations Governments meeting for vital climate talks have been accused of making positive commitments…

06 11 2022 | 10:39

Cop27: crucial climate talks more fragile than ever after year of turmoil

With war in Ukraine and a cost of living crisis, the global picture is much changed since last year’s conference

06 11 2022 | 10:34

IPCC, methane and carbon offsetting: Cop27 jargon buster

World leaders meeting for UN climate talks in Egypt are under pressure to take action. Here are some commonly used terms and what they mean

05 11 2022 | 11:01

World heading into ‘uncharted territory of destruction’, says climate report

Governments and businesses failing to change fast enough, says United in Science report, as weather gets increasingly extreme The world’s chances of avoiding the worst ravages of climate breakdown…

05 11 2022 | 10:31

A low-carbon chemical industry ‘could create 29m jobs and double turnover’

New report explains benefits of adopting more efficient technology and warns failure to do so could mean climate chaos Adopting more efficient and low-carbon technology could create 29m new jobs…

27 10 2022 | 09:49

Cut meat consumption to two burgers a week to save planet, study suggests

Climate crisis report says ‘we are not winning in any sector’ as experts call for urgent action on fossil fuels Meat consumption should be reduced to the equivalent of about two burgers a week in…

19 10 2022 | 11:46

Billionaire Mo Ibrahim attacks ‘hypocrisy’ over Africa’s gas

Telecoms entrepreneur says continent’s people should be allowed to use their vast reserves One of Africa’s richest entrepreneurs, the telecoms billionaire Mo Ibrahim, has criticised developed…

17 10 2022 | 07:21

UK joins calls for World Bank reform to focus funding on climate crisis

Alok Sharma’s intervention puts pressure on Trump-appointed Bank chief who faces calls to resign The UK has joined calls for sweeping reforms to the World Bank, to focus much-needed funding on the…

22 09 2022 | 09:17

Denmark offers ‘loss and damage’ funding to poorer countries for climate breakdown

Denmark ‘gets ball rolling’ at UN ahead of protests as poor nations call for greater collective commitment Youth groups in Africa are preparing to embark on a series of climate demonstrations on…

21 09 2022 | 06:25

Vulnerable countries demand global tax to pay for climate-led loss and damage

Poor nations exhort UN to consider ‘climate-related and justice-based’ tax on big fossil fuel users and air travel The world’s most vulnerable countries are preparing to take on the richest…

11 09 2022 | 11:12

Will Charles III be as green a king as he was a prince?

New king will have to eschew grand statements on climate crisis but his role does not stop him talking to the PM in private   In 1970, the young Prince of Wales made a speech warning of the dangers…

31 08 2022 | 11:47

Tory leadership candidates failing on net zero policies, says thinktank

The two Conservative leadership candidates are failing to promise the policies needed to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, a right-leaning thinktank has warned, despite a clear need for…

17 08 2022 | 16:29

African nations expected to make case for big rise in fossil fuel output

Leaders of African countries are likely to use the next UN climate summit in November to push for massive new investment in fossil fuels in Africa, according to documents seen by the Guardian.