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19 06 2023 | 08:47

There is a role for concrete in sustainable construction; and for mineral products, timber, steel, etc.

We often say “It depends” when we are expected to answer with “yes or no” to a complex question. As with the majority of the choices in life, there is not a “one-fits-all” miracle solution. The same…

08 06 2023 | 07:51

Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete – The future depends on how we build it

When athletes settle into their rooms at the Olympic Village in Paris next year, they’ll be helping to make environmental history: their temporary homes are, at least partially, made of low-carbon…

19 02 2023 | 06:21

EU, African leaders meet to define ‘partnership’, investment, security ties

European and African leaders come together for a long-delayed EU-Africa summit in Brussels on 17-18 February in an attempt to frame the two neighbouring continents’ partnership with a number of…