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04 05 2023 | 23:34

North Sea drilling: Greenpeace prepares to challenge ‘disastrous’ UK decision

Greenpeace has attacked the government’s “disastrous” decision to award new licences for oil and gas drilling in the North Sea as it prepares to challenge the move in the high court. A court hearing…

04 05 2023 | 11:39

BP’s profits labelled ‘heinous’ as calls grow for tougher windfall tax

Bumper profits at BP have been labelled “heinous” and sparked renewed calls for a tougher windfall tax, after the oil and gas giant recorded one of its best ever starts to the year while Britons…

31 01 2023 | 18:44

EU plans to loosen state aid rules to boost renewables investment

Proposed use of tax credits follows pressure to respond to Biden’s $369bn green subsidy scheme in US The EU is stepping up its green subsidy race with the US through plans to loosen state aid rules…

30 01 2023 | 09:14

Shell and BP face tough job of keeping customers and investors happy as profits roll in

The oil giants will also have to contend with intensifying calls to put more money into clean energy

14 01 2023 | 18:02

Great Britain’s windfarm electricity at record high in 2022 but gas use up too

Wind-powered electricity rose to 26.8% of 2022 usage while gas-fired power, at 38.5%, continued growth as largest single source Windfarms produced a record amount of Great Britain’s electricity…