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29 11 2020 | 07:12

Bank of England needs more powers to decarbonise economy, say experts.

Academics call for urgent changes to Bank’s mandate to help UK hit carbon zero target. Urgent reforms of the Bank of England are needed to help decarbonise the financial system and boost green…

29 11 2020 | 07:05

Road pricing could offset loss of fuel duty from electric cars.

Rishi Sunak looking at how to recoup lost revenues after ban on new petrol and diesel cars potentially from 2030. The government is exploring options for dealing with a £40bn black hole in the…

28 11 2020 | 08:14

Red Cross: 'No Vaccine for Climate Change'.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable the world is to a truly global catastrophe. But another, bigger, catastrophe has been building for many decades, and humanity is still lagging far…

28 11 2020 | 07:53

Why a plan to cut pollution is making people across England so angry

A slew of initiatives from local councils have meant drivers being moved off residential streets and on to busier main roads. But while many residents support the schemes, the measures have provoked…

28 11 2020 | 07:49

Delhi Covid crisis worsened by soaring pollution levels.

Indian capital records highest single day rise in cases as monitor says pollution is at 14 times WHO safe level. Delhi’s 20 million residents are facing a double health crisis as high levels of…

27 11 2020 | 12:47

Africa: Millions of New Poor Are On the Way - Who Cares?

Rome — The recent meeting of the G20 - scheduled to take place in Riyadh but held virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic - has been an eloquent example of how the world is drifting, in a crisis of…

26 11 2020 | 10:38

Low-traffic schemes benefit everyone, not just better-off, finds study.

Exclusive: authors find ‘no clear social equity problem related to low-traffic neighbourhoods’ after studying slew of projects sparked by Covid restrictions. There is no evidence schemes that try to…

25 11 2020 | 07:28

Coronavirus relief funds could easily pay to stop the worst of climate change while rebooting economies.

As of late summer, governments around the world had pledged US$12.2 trillion of relief in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

25 11 2020 | 07:23

European governments failing to protect citizens from air pollution, data reveals

Pollutants from farming, heating and vehicles beyond levels needed to ensure breathable air. Governments across Europe are failing to protect their citizens from toxic air pollution, with most…

25 11 2020 | 07:00

Climate crisis: CO2 hits new record despite Covid-19 lockdowns.

Drop in emissions this year is a ‘tiny blip’ in buildup of greenhouse gases, UN agency says. Climate-heating gases have reached record levels in the atmosphere despite the global lockdowns caused by…

19 11 2020 | 13:07

Covid set back attitudes to public transport by two decades, says RAC.

Most Britons see their car as more important now and would not choose greener alternative. The pandemic has put back attitudes to driving versus public transport by two decades, with almost two-…

19 11 2020 | 10:20

World could add more than 900 GW of solar by 2025 if politicians grasp the nettle – IEA.

With the International Energy Agency publishing its latest five-year clean energy forecast today, pv magazine takes a look at the solar content of the 162-page document.

19 11 2020 | 09:43

Revealed: Covid recovery plans threaten global climate hopes.

Exclusive: analysis finds countries pouring money into fossil fuels to fight recession The prospect of a global green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is hanging in the balance, as countries…

19 11 2020 | 09:30

Fossil Fuels Still Receive Massive Funding From Developed Countries.

At least $170 billion of public money has been pledged to fossil fuel-intensive sectors since the start of the pandemic. The Paris Agreement demonstrates the world uniting to fight climate change;…

19 11 2020 | 09:28

South Africa’s 140MW Kangnas wind farm begins commercial operation.

Two years after construction kicked-off, Kangnas Wind Farm achieved commercial operations on 15 November 2020, making it the first bid window four wind farm, in the Northern Cape, to come on stream…

16 11 2020 | 07:56

Born in the ice age, humankind now faces the age of fire – and Australia is on the frontline.

The bushfires and the plague are symptoms of something momentous unfolding on Earth – an acceleration of our impact on nature.

16 11 2020 | 07:51

IRENA Council Meets as Agency Renews Call for Recovery Built around Energy Transformation.

The nineteenth and twentieth meetings of the Council will be held virtually on 3rd and 4th of November.

16 11 2020 | 07:33

Antarctica is Earth's one virus-free continent: science fights to keep it that way.

The giant land is the only place on Earth not touched by Covid. A British team is on a mission to protect it while also doing vital research Rothera on Adelaide Island, the British Antarctic Survey’…

16 11 2020 | 07:08

Tiny air pollution rise linked to 11% more Covid-19 deaths – study

Evidence is now strong enough that preventive action should be taken, scientists say. A small rise in people’s long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with an 11% increase in deaths from…

16 11 2020 | 07:07

Four ways Trump has meddled in pandemic science — and why it matters.

How US President Donald Trump and his administration have silenced scientists, meddled in their reports and ignored their advice.