climate disasters

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12 01 2021 | 09:11

22 disasters, 262 dead, $95bn in damages: US saw record year for climate-driven catastrophes.

Report shows US was battered by punishing extreme weather on both the east and west coasts in 2020. The US was battered by a record number of weather and climate-driven disasters in 2020 as…

10 01 2021 | 10:49

Amazon Rainforest Will Collapse by 2064, New Study Predicts.

The future of the world's largest rainforest looks bleak. A new report for Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development concluded that the Amazon rainforest will collapse and largely…

01 01 2021 | 14:29

This Year Was A Disaster For The Planet.

From record-breaking wildfires to devastating hurricanes, human-driven climate change keeps killing us. The climate is changing, its effects are deadly, and it’s getting worse every year.

01 01 2021 | 13:59

Weather disasters cost $150bn in 2020, revealing impact of climate change – report.

From Australian bushfires to Atlantic hurricanes, insurance damages were the highest annual total ever, says Christian Aid study. The world’s 10 costliest weather disasters of 2020 saw insured…

30 12 2020 | 12:46

From floods and fires to locusts, 'climate breakdown' cost rich and poor in 2020.

Extreme weather claimed thousands of lives and caused losses worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide this year, says Christian Aid BARCELONA - Disasters fuelled by weather and climate extremes…

27 12 2020 | 07:44

Top 10 deadliest natural disasters in history.

Reminding us how powerful Mother Nature is.

17 12 2020 | 12:39

Climate Change Threatens to Destroy the Marshall Islands.

Along U.S. coastlines, from California to Florida, residents are getting increasingly accustomed to "king tides." These extra-high tides cause flooding and wreak havoc on affected communities.

08 12 2020 | 12:25

The Climate Crisis Is Already Killing People, New Lancet Report Warns.

The climate crisis already has a death toll, and it will get worse if we don't act to reduce emissions.

01 12 2020 | 11:50

Cooling La Niña may not save Great Barrier Reef from mass coral bleaching, experts warn.

With the world 1C warmer, modelling shows there is still a risk of corals bleaching from heat stress this summer. A global weather phenomenon that would typically keep ocean temperatures lower…

01 12 2020 | 11:45

Rapid Intensification and Number of Storms Make 2020 a Record Hurricane Season.

As we reach the official end of hurricane season, 2020 will be one for the record books. Looking back at these long, surprising, sometimes downright crazy past six months (seven if you count when the…

30 11 2020 | 07:22

How war threatens Ethiopia's struggle against worst locust swarm in 25 years.

As surveillance and spraying operations cease due to conflict, there are fears the existing food crisis could worsen. They marched over grassy plateaux and down craggy hillsides, beating the earth…

28 11 2020 | 07:32

Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis.

Evidence is not so much in the number of tropical storms the Atlantic has seen, but in their strength, intensity and rainfall. Paddling in a canoe through the flood waters left by Hurricane Eta in…

28 11 2020 | 07:10

Study: Climate Change Makes Hurricanes Stay Stronger, Longer.

Hurricanes are staying stronger for longer after making landfall, causing greater and more widespread destruction, because ocean waters heated by climate change give them extra fuel, according to a…

27 11 2020 | 12:23

Karl Marx’s renowned resting place Highgate Cemetery under threat from climate crisis.

Trust caring for world-famous burial ground launches competitions to help conserve area. Highgate Cemetery, the resting place of renowned figures including Karl Marx and Lucian Freud, is under…

19 11 2020 | 10:00

Τyphoon VAMCO kills 67 in Philippines, forces 468,000 to evacuate in Vietnam.

An estimated 67 people are dead, floodwaters in some places have reached two stories high, millions were without power, and rescuers were scrambling to keep up after Typhoon Vamco became the third…

17 11 2020 | 16:13

Preserving cultural and historic treasures in a changing climate may mean transforming them.

With global travel curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding comfort in planning future trips. But imagine that you finally arrive in Venice and the “floating city” is flooded.…

05 11 2020 | 08:50

'Sleeping giant' Arctic methane deposits starting to release, scientists find

Exclusive: expedition discovers new source of greenhouse gas off East Siberian coast has been triggered. Scientists have found evidence that frozen methane deposits in the Arctic Ocean – known as…

03 11 2020 | 08:14

Climate change: Better warning systems needed for extreme weather - UN

A new UN report says the world needs to rapidly raise investment in early warning systems for extreme weather events. Over the past 50 years, recorded disasters have increased five-fold, thanks in…

02 11 2020 | 07:35

Can California’s top wine region survive the era of megafire?

As the climate crisis brings increasingly unpredictable fire seasons, the future of the $43bn industry is uncertain The Silverado Trail, a two-lane road that weaves through the bucolic hillsides in…

02 11 2020 | 07:04

Africa is Warming Fast, and the Most Vulnerable Are Being Hit Hardest.

African nations are spending between 2% and 9% of their gross domestic product on climate adaptation and mitigation measures, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The African…