World celebrates Biden win, calls for climate change action

08 11 2020 | 11:04

I think relief is the word that expresses the emotion common to most people

And the feeling of hope, for the things that can finally be done now or restored or restarted or corrected

In all fronts, but especially in Climate Action and the Covid fight


Biden Victory Sets Stage for New Day on Climate, Equity, and the Economy

Many world leaders express hope, relief after Biden win

America's poised for a 180-degree turn on climate change ...

Biden's victory a mighty relief in battle to save the planet

Biden won the election. Now can he save the planet? - Grist

‘Despite defeat, Trumpism lives on’: Europe’s papers on Joe Biden’s victory

Climate Activists Cheer Biden Win







Trump embodied the worst side of our species.

You would see characters like Trump in movies and it would make you wonder how far from reality the director was.

But he was real.

And so were the 70million who voted for him.

They should not be discarded easily.

The vast majority shared his "aspirations" and that's ominous for the future.

As for Trump, at best he will be remembered as a flaw in history, as the once in a 100 years earthquake, hurricane, tsunami.

At worst, I think the description by Polly Toybee of the Guardian, speaks volumes:




And if you are not convinced check the amazing video narrated by Julian Moore

Who Is Donald J. Trump? Narrated By Julianne Moore 


Still, today is a good day.


Ioannis Tsipouridis