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05 12 2020 | 13:04

Can Joe Biden make good on his revolutionary climate agenda?

Although he faces a split Congress, the US president-elect has levers he can pull in the government to advance clean energy and curb global warming.

01 12 2020 | 11:50

Alternative Frameworks for Biden-Harris Africa & Climate Policies

Two issues of the Washington, DC-based AfricaFocus Bulletin present several views on why the incoming administration should adopt policies on Africa and the climate crises that differ from past…

30 11 2020 | 09:15

Climate crisis – live: Email carbon footprint ‘not a worry’ while activists protest Biden hiring oil figure.

Follow the action as it happened A report published in the FT yesterday claimed officials involved in preparations for next year’s UN COP26 climate change summit have been “looking at research…

30 11 2020 | 07:57

San Francisco bans natural gas use in new construction projects.

San Francisco will ban natural gas infrastructure in most new construction, reinforcing previous building electrification measures adopted in California’s fourth most populous city. The city’s Board…

28 11 2020 | 08:01

US allies welcome Biden presidency as major chance to tackle climate crisis.

The leaders of America’s closest allies have eagerly welcomed the incoming presidency of Joe Biden as a crucial opportunity to face down the unfolding climate crisis, following four years of…

28 11 2020 | 08:00

Climate activists ramp up pressure on Biden with protest outside Democratic headquarters.

Climate groups plan to camp in Washington DC in protest of Biden’s hires of key staff with connections to the oil and gas industry. Progressive climate activists plan to occupy the Democratic…

28 11 2020 | 07:42

How Biden and Kerry could rebuild America’s global climate leadership.

John Kerry helped bring the world into the Paris climate agreement and expanded America’s reputation as a climate leader. That reputation is now in tatters, and President-elect Joe Biden is asking…

28 11 2020 | 07:33

A record number of women will serve in the 117th Congress, including at least 51 women of color.

Women will gain at least 14 seats in the 117th Congress, setting a new record for female representation. In 2018, the nation elected 127 women – and 48 women of color – to the House and Senate. Next…

28 11 2020 | 07:21

On environmental protection, Biden’s election will mean a 180-degree turn from Trump policies.

The Trump administration has waged what I and many other legal experts view as an all-out assault on the nation’s environmental laws for the past four years.

27 11 2020 | 12:48

Climate Coalition Pressures Biden to Reject 'Corporate Shill' Ernest Moniz as Energy Chief.

Amid reports that oil industry-friendly former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz remains under consideration to return to his old post in the incoming Biden administration, a diverse coalition of…

25 11 2020 | 06:42

Biden picks John Kerry for climate envoy on national security council.

Former state department chief under Barack Obama to return to White House to address climate emergency. President-elect Joe Biden has selected former Secretary of State John Kerry to serve as a “…

19 11 2020 | 09:32

Trump removes scientist who led sweeping climate change report and other officials.

Dr Michael Kuperberg was executive director of the US Global Change Research Program for the past five years. The climate scientist leading the federal government’s program that produces sweeping…

19 11 2020 | 08:59

Could climate action be the issue to bring Joe Biden and Boris Johnson together?

As the prime minister seeks to distance himself from ties to Trump, prioritising climate cooperation could be a ‘natural fit’ for both Johnson and Biden, environment analysts tell Daisy Dunne

19 11 2020 | 08:55

Five post-Trump obstacles to a global green recovery.

Joe Biden’s win gives the globe a better chance of averting climate catastrophe, but major obstacles remain Environmentalists have been heartened by Joe Biden’s victory as, if the US rejoins the…

19 11 2020 | 08:49

In first for Fed, U.S. central bank says climate poses stability risks.

The U.S. Federal Reserve for the first time called out climate change among risks enumerated in its biannual financial stability report, and warned about the potential for abrupt changes in asset…

19 11 2020 | 08:46

'Finally': In Potential Nod To Biden Win, Federal Reserve Applies To Join Climate Network for Central Banks.

In a decision seen by some as a subtle acknowledgement of President-elect Joe Biden's victory even as President Donald Trump still refuses to concede, the Federal Reserve has applied to join what…

19 11 2020 | 08:42

Biden launches transition teams of Obama alum, tech execs and activists to tackle environmental rollbacks – but Trump team refuses to work with them.

The White House has instructed senior department officials to rebuff overtures from the Biden team to get the transition process underway while Mr Trump refuses to concede, writes Louise Boyle

16 11 2020 | 08:45

Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election.

The new president has the opportunity to reverse four years of anti-science policies — but he has a hard road ahead as he inherits a nation divided.

16 11 2020 | 08:40

World leaders use their first messages to Biden to draw attention to climate crisis.

Boris Johnson among leaders to explicitly mention climate while congratulating president-elect. Leaders from across the world have used their first messages to president-elect Joe Biden to draw…

16 11 2020 | 08:26

Harris: 'I May Be the First Woman in This Office, But I will Not Be the Last'

Kamala Harris on Saturday paid tribute to generations of women who "throughout our nation's history have paved the way for this moment" of her being elected as vice president of the US. Harris, the…