Paris agreement

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07 08 2022 | 08:32

Statement by Inger Andersen on wildfires across Europe, North America and other parts of the world

While wildfires are a normal and even essential process in nature, there is nothing normal or natural about the blazes we are seeing raging across Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

01 08 2022 | 00:05

Article 6.4 Supervisory Body Kickstarts Work Anchoring Markets in Broader Paris Context

Delivering a new standard for international carbon markets dedicated to enable enhanced mitigation and adaptation is the intention that members of the Article 6.4 Supervisory Body emphasized at their…

28 07 2022 | 20:29

Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years

The oil and gas industry has delivered $2.8bn (£2.3bn) a day in pure profit for the last 50 years, a new analysis has revealed. The vast total captured by petrostates and fossil fuel companies since…

28 07 2022 | 20:14

Climate action ‘could prevent 6,000 child deaths a year’

[NAIROBI] The annual death rate of children under five years old in Africa could double to about 38,000 by 2049 compared with the decade 2005–2014, without cuts to rising carbon emissions, a study …

28 07 2022 | 19:04

Egypt’s president urges world to support Africa’s efforts to tackle climate change

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Monday called upon the rest of the world to support Africa in efforts to tackle climate change, noting that the continent has hit hard by the impacts of the…

25 07 2022 | 20:36

LACCW 2022 Builds Crucial Regional Momentum for Climate Action ahead of COP27

UN Climate Change News, This year’s Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW 2022) in Santo Domingo wrapped up today, having helped build crucial regional momentum in the fight against climate…

12 07 2022 | 07:19

Labor faces decisions on approval of up to 27 coal developments including greenfield mines

The Albanese government could face decisions on whether to approve up to 27 coal mining developments, based on applications lodged under national environment laws. An analysis by the Sunrise Project…

05 07 2022 | 08:39

Brazil's biodiversity at risk in projected global warming overshoot

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many of Brazil’s unique creatures, from a minuscule orange frog to the collared titi monkey, could face a bleak future if global warming…

05 07 2022 | 07:34

Egypt, EU to partner on green hydrogen production & renewable energy

The European Union (EU) and Egypt have issued a joint statement where they declared their commitment to partner to advance a just green transition. During a visit of the President of the European…

05 07 2022 | 07:12

The Global South has the power to force radical climate action

During the past several years it has become clear that the international climate negotiations are failing to address the climate crisis. Existing policies have us on track for 3.2 degrees Celsius (5.…

17 06 2022 | 15:27

Bonn Climate Change Conference Makes Progress in Several Technical Areas, But Much Work Remains

Τhe Bonn Climate Change Conference comes to a close today after two weeks of intense work to make progress on important technical issues and prepare decisions for adoption at the UN Climate Change…

08 06 2022 | 07:18

EU faces legal challenge over plan to fast-track gas projects

An EU plan to fast-track funding and permits for 30 gas projects is facing a legal challenge from NGOs including ClientEarth and Friends of the Earth Europe.

06 06 2022 | 19:17

Bonn Climate Change Conference Set to Kick off Next Week

UN Climate Change News,  2 June 2022 – The upcoming Bonn Climate Change Conference (6-16 June) is set to kick off next week, designed to prepare for the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in November…

03 06 2022 | 14:04

Current policies will bring ‘catastrophic’ climate breakdown, warn former UN leaders

The policies currently in place to tackle the climate crisis around the world will lead to “catastrophic” climate breakdown, as governments have failed to take the actions needed to fulfil their…

03 06 2022 | 14:01

Climate Transition in Emerging Economies

It’s no secret that a heavy reliance on commodities to build Africa’s economies has increased the continent’s carbon footprint. Although far less damage is caused by Africa than developed economies,…

03 06 2022 | 13:54

COP15: restoring 1 billion hectares of degraded land by 2030

The fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP15) to combat desertification ended on 20 May 2022 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on a note of mixed satisfaction.

01 06 2022 | 17:51

IEEFA: India's renewable energy journey: Two steps forward, one step back

Renewable energy now forms a quarter of India’s total installed power capacity – 110 gigawatts (GW) as of March 2022 – and accounts for 13% of the country’s electricity generation. Under the 2015…

01 06 2022 | 09:56

Kenya on course to achieving 100% clean energy by 2030

The government in Kenya is hopeful it will reach 100% clean energy by 2030 according to their Energy Principal Secretary. With the government increasing access to clean, reliable and affordable…