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26 02 2021 | 10:43

Facebook expands mythbusting centre to tackle climate change conspiracies.

Facebook has announced that it is expanding its Climate Science Information Centre, which provides people with information about global warming.

26 02 2021 | 09:52

US rejoins Paris climate accord with warning: this year’s talks are ‘last, best hope’.

John Kerry made remark as US officially returned to climate agreement on Friday, 107 days after it left under Donald Trump. The US has marked its return to the Paris agreement by urging countries to…

26 02 2021 | 09:47

Lloyds Banking Group on its way to planting 10 million trees by 2030.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced the first 1 million of 10 million trees have been planted across the UK in partnership with the Woodland Trust. As part of its ambition to help finance a green…

26 02 2021 | 08:32

Science Moms Look to Enlist Other Moms to Tackle Climate Change.

Air quality scientist Tracey Holloway wants her children, nine month old Henry and 11 year old Peter, to be able to look back at the 2020s as the time when the U.S. and the world turned a corner on…

26 02 2021 | 08:28

Digging in: a million trees planted as villages and schools join climate battle.

Community forest projects have seen a surge in volunteers keen to reduce CO2 emissions by creating new woodlands. The UK may be in the grip of a winter lockdown but in one village on the edge of the…

21 02 2021 | 08:31

Oil firms should disclose carbon output, says BlackRock.

World’s biggest investor wants polluting industries to set targets to cut emissions and reach net zero. BlackRock, the world’s biggest investor, has said that oil companies and other polluting…

21 02 2021 | 08:24

California lawmakers introduce bill to ban fracking by 2027.

The bill, introduced by two Democrats, would also ban the drilling method around schools and homes by the start of 2022. California lawmakers have introduced a bill in the State Senate to ban…

20 02 2021 | 07:40

Three young African talents awarded for their innovative ideas

The electrification of a health centre through renewables, a solar-powered fridge to support the cold chain of farmers, and a platform to empower women through renewable energy: these are the three…

20 02 2021 | 07:13

The Guardian view on climate progress: the need for speed.

The transformation of the US government’s stance on the environment is hugely significant. Now the global green recovery must start.

17 02 2021 | 08:59

To Build Trust, Businesses Must Reimagine Stakeholder Engagement.

In a society currently dominated by social injustice, economic crisis, disease, and rampant misinformation, global trust in leaders and institutions is quickly eroding. In a society currently…

16 02 2021 | 10:50

How Can Consumers Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

In 2015, Parties to the UNFCCC adopted the Paris Agreement, to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping the global temperature rise this century well below 2°C above…

15 02 2021 | 12:08

Activist Catherine Flowers: the poor living amid sewage is 'the final monument of the Confederacy'.

In rural Alabama where Martin Luther King marched for civil rights, Flowers has waged a long fight for environmental justice.   Catherine Flowers stumbled upon the defining cause of her life by…

09 02 2021 | 09:45

Dizzying pace of Biden's climate action sounds death knell for era of denialism.

Analysis: The new president has framed the challenge of global heating as an opportunity for US jobs, saying: ‘We have to be bold’. For a landmark moment in the global effort to stave off…

09 02 2021 | 09:31

Aviva Investors to divest from companies who fail to to comply with new climate programme.

Aviva Investors has announced its Climate Engagement Escalation Programme, focused on its investments in 30 ‘Systemically Important Carbon Emitters’. The investment firm has announced a new climate…

09 02 2021 | 09:17

Coca-Cola European Partners announces transition of company cars to electric vehicles by 2030.

Coca-Cola European Partners has announced it is joining EV100, a global initiative uniting companies that are committed to accelerating the transition to EVs. Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has…

09 02 2021 | 09:11

Make oil firms install electric car chargers in petrol stations, says thinktank.

Proposals to accelerate electric car rollout also call for grants towards buying secondhand electric vehicles. Oil companies should be required to install rapid chargers for electric cars in all…

09 02 2021 | 09:10

I changed my banking and super out of climate anxiety. Was it a smart financial decision?

One year ago Jessica Hamilton divested from fossil fuels. Here’s what she has learned since This time last year I changed my banking and superannuation, and I did it out of climate anxiety. Was it a…

09 02 2021 | 08:50

IKEA Parent Company Buys Georgia Forest With Pledges to Manage It Sustainably

When you think of wooden furniture, you probably think of forest destruction, not conservation.

09 02 2021 | 08:32

GM Pledges to Eliminate Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035.

General Motors pledged Thursday to stop selling fossil-fuel-powered cars and light trucks by 2035.

09 02 2021 | 08:22

Enel to phase out gas as part of 2050 net zero pledge, dismisses carbon capture options.

Enel SpA is planning to entirely phase out natural gas from its portfolio as it shoots for a net-zero emissions target, arguing that technology to capture carbon has proven to be a bad bet in energy…